Xcode 4.1 with Lion Precompiled Header Error Fix

Part of my iOS Programming Series.

Earlier this month, July, I started working with Xcode 4.0 under Snow Leopard (10.6.7) and posted a message about my first native code application.

I’ve since updated to Lion OS (10.7) and Xcode 4.1. Upon running one of my previously working Xcode projects under Snow Leopard, I received an error about Xcode 4.1 not finding my precompiled header information for that project. In fact, every one of my previously working projects produced that error under Lion and Xcode 4.1 🙁

I looked around Google and could not find a reference to a fix, except that Xcode 4.2 resolved the problem. But, unless you’re a Registered iOS Developer, you don’t yet have access to Xcode 4.2. I’m not registered yet.

I found that if I deleted the folder, DerivedData, at the location, ~/Library/Developer/Xcode, I could rebuild my projects and run them without further problem using Xcode 4.1 under Lion OS. 🙂

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