Webinar: WebPagetest

Today I attended the O’Reilly webinar, Hands-on Performance Testing and Analysis with WebPagetest. It was very informative. WebPagetest appears to be a very powerful tool.

O’Reilly maintains a list of previously recorded presentations, many of which I listened to live. Participation in the live presentation provides the opportunity to ask questions and be involved with the discussion by the presenter and other attendees.

For those interested in web optimization, the O’Reilly Velocity Conference takes place on June 14-16, 2011 at the Hyatt Santa Clara in Santa Clara, CA. That web page description for the event is shown below:

Now in its fourth year, Velocity—the Web Performance and Operations conference from O’Reilly Media is the premier technical event dedicated to optimizing every aspect of your company’s website. It’s the convergence of performance and site reliability experts and rock stars who share the information critical to building and scaling fast and reliable websites and services. What you’ll learn at Velocity is crucial for companies to shine when it hits the fan and will have a positive, direct impact on the bottom line.

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