Triton College: Diskette Organization Information Seminar 1983

This is part of the Triton College Teaching Work Series.

I started teaching Adult Education computer classes at Triton College in River Grove, IL in September 1983. It was a lot of fun and helped me in my budding computer consulting/software programming business. The experiences helped shape my teaching skills that would be useful years later as my computer career improved.

After teaching my first class, I approached the Assistant Dean of Adult Education with a written proposal to offer one-night seminars to cover topics of interest for those interested in acquiring Apple II+ computers. He was immediately receptive to the idea and asked me to submit my seminar ideas in writing to him for review and approval.

The first seminar, Diskette Organization Information took place in January 1984. The support staff in Adult Education put out this flyer incorporating my Lisa Draw artwork promoting the class.

The purpose of this seminar was an introduction to Apple DOS 3.3 and how  a diskette’s organization was configured. It involved some technical understanding of a few various concepts, most importantly Hexadecimal counting and representation.

I used two DOS 3.3 software utilities packages from my then former employer, Omega Microware, Inc. : Inspector and Watson to illustrate, explain, and demo the underlying structures. Both of those software programs were written by Bill Sefton.

The seminar handout contains the essential information covered in the seminar. Using the Inspector/Watson utilities, a user could inspect and edit the underlying information written to disk. This was useful in case of disk failure or for a variety of other important tasks. I used those utilities for many years until I sold my Apple II+ in May 1988.

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