Time Out Of Mind’s Tenth Anniversary

My website Time Out Of Mind is officially ten years old today. It started out as a place for my various types of content and was refined over the subsequent years.

Nowadays there are three parts to the timeoutofmind.com domain: the archived section; the new section, and, this blog.

In it’s heyday, this website accumulated about 130,000 page views in one particular month some years ago. In one of those days that month, over 30,000 page views occurred. That was the record. In 8 1/3 years from April 2002 through July 2010 the archived section accumulated 5 million page views. Then I stopped the formal counting. I still check my daily stats and see that about 2,500 to 3,000 page views a week are happening.

I received many kind comments over the years. Some were shared on my archived testimonials page and the new testimonials page.

People asked me how did the site become so popular on a global basis? I can only tell them it was never conceived to become that widespread.

I think the secret of becoming widespread is not to aim for that goal. Just be yourself and express what you can in a mostly positive light. People like that. People can find life’s drama in many other places. When people surf the web in their free time, they’re mostly looking for something other than drama. Offer people something other than drama and they will probably repeatedly seek you out.

Thank you for stopping by today. 🙂


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