The Visible Spirit

  • June 2, 2018

I was a member of Twin Oaks Toastmasters  in San Marcos, CA from April 2003 until April 1, 2008. I prepared many speeches that I mostly gave before an audience in those years. This was my first of 30+ speeches given in those five years. On other parts of my Time Out Of Mind website and Blog are other references to my Toastmasters experiences.

Here is one that I wrote in 2003 that I never delivered in public.

The Visible Spirit – Copyright © May 21, 2003, by Donald W. Larson

  • We are all a complex combination of DNA molecules propelled by a life force:
    • The life force is felt within us, but rarely observed
    • The Visible Spirit is the outward expression of that life force
  • The Visible Spirit is manifested by the convergence of:
    • Acknowledging those unique aspects of your life, your:
      • Personality
      • Intelligence
      • Sense of humor
      • Perseverance
    • Accepting the intrinsic behaviors we all share in common;
      • Morals
      • Empathy
      • Love
      • Self-doubt
    • The next progression towards the Visible Spirit is indicated by the diminishing reluctance to inspect our true selves:
      • Speak openly of our thoughts to trusted friends
      • Reveal periods of insecurity or other emotional pains
      • Offer compassion to those also in need
      • Think through each important issue completely several times regardless of how long it takes or how much it may hurt
    • The synthesis becomes self-apparent when you discover you are evolving in subtle ways:
      • Disturbing thoughts become less disruptive
      • You have more energy
      • Your vocabulary and style of speech becomes more positive
      • You find yourself relaxed in stressful situations
    • The Visible Spirit is fully embodied by a transformation over about a year’s time:
      • You speak with words of conviction in a methodical, logical, and convincing manner
      • Your self-confidence is extremely high
      • You recognize the equality amongst all people, but differentiate yourself by your own special abilities and forms of delivery
      • You know you can handle anything life brings your way because your eternal Spirit is now visible to you
      • People naturally gravitate towards you, sensing your inner-strengths and ethical commitments to others

Several people in this room have Visible Spirits. They are the reason these weekly sessions are so revitalizing to me. I’m fortunate to be in their presence.

One day I may actually give this speech, perhaps in one of my digital art presentations as a storyteller. Time will tell, as always…

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