The Newbound Network Can Help Robots Can Learn More Quickly

This is an emerging market segment for the Newbound Network to attract investors. It seems to me our emerging Robotics code, BotBuilder, the WebCrawler, and FeedBot used in combination would go a long way to assist robots in assimilating their learning research.

See this Digital Trends June 28, 2014 article, Robots Can Learn Faster by Crowdsourcing Information from the Internet, for more information on the basic robot learning concept. An excerpt from that article is shown next.

To demonstrate this theory, the researchers had study participants build models — such as cars, trees, turtles, snakes and more — out of colored Lego blocks, and then asked robots to build the same objects. But since the robots had only witnessed a few examples, they couldn’t fully complete the tasks.

So to finish their projects, they turned to the crowd, hiring people from Amazon Mechanical Turk, a crowdsourcing Internet marketplace, to generate more solutions for building the models. From more than 100 crowd-generated models to choose from, the robots picked the best ones to build based on difficulty and similarity to the original objects.

The robots then built the best models of each participant’s shape. Such a learning technique is known as “goal-based imitation,” which harnesses the robot’s ability to know what its human operator wants and then come up with the best possible way to achieve that goal.”


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