The Emergent Americans

Adult Americans today may take notice of the American sentiment of the nation in its various divisive components. Taking a reference now allows recognition of the changes coming to most, if not all of us, in the next ten years.

Soon a national election will occur that changes little afterwards. No matter who wins, stalemates at various levels of national policies remains. Americans anxious for fundamental changes will languish as the current status quo persists.

That persistence that will trigger the subtle changes to occur later. At first the changes will appear to mirror the present discordance. Time will pass before noticeable changes accumulate and become observable to the majority.

Changes taking place now in other nations present new challenges to America and the global outlook extant. Nothing stays the same for very long and the rapidity of change accelerates over shorter periods of time. Those external impacts may or may not affect our outcome.

It is at some point years down the road a new consensus starts to form concerning what most Americans want. A new chart arises with a new course for our national values merging into new national priorities.

I describe those United States citizens then as, Emergent Americans. They will think and feel differently in mood and temperament in distinction to the overall collective understanding today. Future historians will document the changes and trace the origin for that new perspective back to this time.

It is my expectation the essential American Spirit will continue to play an important part of the forthcoming Emergent Americans during their evolution.

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