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On June 25, 2014, I accepted a special invitation to attend the East West CyberTECH VIP Reception in downtown San Diego, California. As an Advisor to the Board of iHive, I found it to be an enlightening experience.


I had the opportunity to meet and talk with many of the people invited from the East Coast, specifically, The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore (EAGB) and Maryland of Opportunity group, both of whom are involved in what is referred to as “CyberTech East“.

The purpose of the EAGB organization follows:

“The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore  (EAGB) is a not-for-profit economic development organization led by a partnership of regional business executives, elected government officials and leaders from higher education, focused on fostering business retention and development, job creation and new investment throughout the Greater Baltimore region.”

The mission of the Maryland of Business organization follows:

“Mission is to create, attract, and retain jobs while promoting Maryland’s vibrant cultural economies.”

Security in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry is a prime concern for all involved. Lawyers, CEO’s, Venture Capitalists, Developers, and Marketers all have a deep concern to make IoT succeed and be very profitable. Darin Andersen, CEO of CyberTech/iHive spoke about security before he welcomed everyone  then asked the approximately 40 attendees to introduce themselves to each other.

One of the person’s I spoke to after introductions is, Teri Karobonik, Staff Attorney Fellow at New Media Rights. Teri’s non-profit organization is located here in San Diego and serves Internet Creators and Users. She made it a point to emphasize low-cost legal services, often a key factor in technology related industries.

I spoke to an Angel Investor from the East Coast. I was informed of some of the initial steps for considering this type of business investment. My software development S-Corp, Newbound Inc., is looking for investments to bring our business to the next level. Being able to meet established business professionals interested in IoT in CyberTech and iHive events is important to my business partner and I.

We attendees had plenty of time to talk about non-business and non-technical topics as well. Good food and tasty beverages as always was provided courtesy of CyberTech. Darin and CyberTech Operations and Marketing Manager, Maggey Felix are great hosts.

I appreciated talking to one CEO who had traveled from Baltimore to San Diego by vehicle to arrive here. We spoke about the famous Wall Drugs signs, always a tourist comment for those traveling  on I-90 in South Dakota. I believe the furthest Wall Drug distance road marker I ever encountered was in southern Arizona!

Later this year San Diego CyberTech travels to Baltimore, Maryland among other places to extend San Diego’s favor of fellowship.



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