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Friday night, the San Diego CyberTECH organization initiated Startup Week Convergence Tech Crawl attracting about 150 people. The space was large enough to accommodate the gathering and plenty of good food and drink present.



CyberTECH itself  invests volunteer activities for California State’s, CyberCalifornia program. We are a dedicated community and events like this one are not only fun and informative, they serve as a public relations forums to spread the news among the many participating companies including numerous incubator startups.

A number of attendees spoke in support of the participating organizations and how the combined efforts continue to make San Diego a focal point for technology. I quote a part of that linked 2015 article in support of what takes place in this region:

“As long as this level of interest continues, there is nothing to keep San Diego from expanding to a point where it could even eclipse Silicon Valley. For now, entrepreneurs and established tech companies will keep taking advantage of the many viable opportunities in this area, and tech workers can choose between a wide variety of high-paying jobs that can put their skillsets to work.”

CyberTECH’s Co Founder and CEO, Darin Andersen, asked me to present topic of 5-7 minutes for two different segments of this meeting. I chose to speak on: Leadership;  Teamwork; and Mentoring. Those three elements must always be present as strong foundations to build effective and supportive organizations.

I believe CyberTECH provides a motive force in that regard and formed its presence, being referenced as a template for other related volunteer organizations to evolve themselves.

In closing, I always think a meeting is successful when much conversation takes place. Friday night’s event succeeded on that point very well.

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