Stanford University Fall 2010 iPhone 4 Development Class

Part of my iOS Programming Series.

Recently I started attending the free uTunes iPhone 4 development class from Stanford University. I’m enjoying the well thought out lectures and code demonstrations making the material easy to follow.

I have previous object-oriented programming experience for three other languages: Prograph; C++; and, Java. Now I’m learning Objective-C and Frameworks for iOS using the Xcode IDE.

One of my reasons for working through this class is to leverage the powerful capabilities of my software partnership’s Newbound Software Library (NSL) on the new iOS devices, such as the iPad2.

The other reason is that many companies are in need of iOS Developers, not just software companies either. Although my main job in Newbound is to be the Chief Project Officer (among other titles), by adding value with the iOS Software Development skills to my 31 year computer career, it should help increase our business opportunities.

In just the first four classes, I am learning a lot of important information about the language itself, and how the Frameworks are incorporated into the design flow.

One of the challenges is that the class from last Fall at Stanford used the previous version of Xcode. So I often have to stop and figure out how those demos map to the new interface capabilities of the Xcode 4 IDE. It’s not that hard, it just is occasionally a departure from the lessons themselves. It’s an interesting adjustment as each challenge is overcome.

I use my iPad2 on my desk to play the recorded class videos freeing my iMac to use its big digital screen to code. I can use the Good Reader application on my iPad2 to review the class referenced pdf’s when I’m away from my office. That’s a nice flexible combination for a student like me. 😉

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