Visit to San Diego Safari Park on June 13, 2015

My wife, Sherry, and I went to the San Diego Safari Park on June 13, 2015. We recently rejoined as Diamond Club members after a ten-year hiatus. The park changed in that time and we enjoyed the new features.

We took a number of pictures and movies. Some are shown below.



Elephant Statue

Partial Overview:

[video width="640" height="360" src="" /]

Two Gorillas:

[video width="304" height="540" src="" /]

Territorial Gorilla:

[video width="304" height="540" src="" /]

Pacing Lion:

[video width="304" height="540" src="" /]

Waterfall Near Entrance:

[video width="304" height="540" src="" /]

Pond Waterfall:

[video src="" /]


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