San Diego Futures Foundation Presentation February 25, 2014

On Tuesday February 25, 2014, I spoke to a student class ages 18-21 at the San Diego Futures Foundation. Earlier in the month I was invited to speak and I accepted as an example of the Pay It Forward philosophy.

I was originally scheduled to speak for 20-30 minutes and instead spoke for over 60 minutes. It was an interactive session (as most of my speaking and teaching opportunities are) with the students asking good questions. It was a good day for all involved.

I created an Apple Keynote Presentation for the students the cover page is shown below. You may review the content as a pdf document or Quicktime video (there is an approximate 5-second delay between slides in the video).

Afterwards I was given a tour of the facility and met the upper management of that organization. They informed me of their mission and how they diligently go about performing their various functions to the San Diego County community.

That day was another completion of a life circle for me. Back in 1999 when I worked for IBM as a Global Services Transition Project Manager, I worked on the IBM bid for San Diego County’s outsourcing of their computer and telephony technology. Although IBM didn’t win that bid, it was an important effort. The San Diego Futures Foundation originated in 2000 as a result of a signed contract with the organization that won that bid.

Today I received an email from the Programs Manager with the following message:

Hi, Don,

Thank you so much, again, for presenting!  The presentation was thoroughly educational, insightful and inspirational!  Thank you, too, for posting information about TechWORKS!  I look forward to following up with you soon!

San Diego Futures Foundation

San Diego Futures Foundation offers a free TechWorks Training Program to eligible applicants. Those interested are asked to apply for the program before calling to ask questions. The pdf of the current flyer is available at that link.

I enjoyed the opportunity to speak again to students concerning technology. 31 years ago I started teaching Adult Education Technology Classes at Triton College in Illinois. Those experiences enriched my teaching skills and they are still paying dividends in 2014.

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