Remembering Steve Jobs Effect

I pause along my journey tonight. I need to take time to grieve at the passing of Steve Jobs. He is missed and will remain that way in all my remaining days.

My second computer was an Apple II+ purchased in late November 1981. That machine was a combination of efforts by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. They were two entrepreneurs who took a chance with their ideas and built a corporation that impacted the entire world. At that time I was just happy to have a more powerful computer with disk drives and a printer to use.

A month before I had been laid-off as a machinist. With my Apple computer I decided to become an entrepreneur and write computer programs for a living from my home. It was not a quick or easy transition. I had indirect support; Apple computers were becoming widespread allowing me some opportunities to succeed.

When the Mac came out in 1984 I knew this was the future. I think everyone who saw it thought the same thing. By then I had become a computer consultant selling my time and experiences learning the ropes of a new industry. I waited for the chance to bring some Macs into one of my clients at the first opportunity.

In November 1985 I took on a challenging project and brought in the first two Mac computers into a medium size corporation. I learned how to program a new relational database product and soon was creating solutions on this new platform. This was the way forward for me. The small company the two Steves’ had started in a garage in 1976 was now a large corporation and the marketplace was exploding with new products and services. I found my place as an Apple Developer and Database Consultant. The money started rolling in at a good pace.

It wasn’t just the technology. The Apple philosophy connected with me in a deep and lasting manner. I wanted to share what I could to help people realize their higher potential and the Mac helped me do that. Still, the Apple marketing was helping at least 50% in the gains I achieved.

As the following years came and went I continually built upon my skills always learning new technologies and Mac software. It was a joy to solve business problems using Mac solutions and help the users learn to their satisfaction as well. The Apple philosophy started by Steve Jobs was now a part of my very being.

I often think what would have happened to me had the two Steves’ not started Apple or sold it off to a large corporation only to kill it afterwards because of a lack of vision. What would I have become during the recession of the 1980’s? I’m pretty sure my family would not have worked out so well had I taken a regular job and became just another worker in 1981. God had other plans for me and my family. God worked the miracles for me and millions of others through Apple, through Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

Tonight I think back how blessed I’ve been by God and Apple. I think of all the goodness and happiness Steve Jobs brought to the world through his vision to make the best products for Apple’s customers. I’m sad that Steve died so young from such a terrible disease.

Steve Jobs changed the world. He changed me. Now may he rest in peace.

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