Redesign of Newbound Network Website

Yesterday’s release of the redesigned Newbound Network website is a happy occasion for my software partner, Marc Raiser and myself.

My software partner, Marc had to say about our Newbound Network announcement video:

“The amazing Gene Weed lends his voice talent to our cause. I’m pretty thrilled with the result!”

Behind the scenes was where the five member Newbound Team formed and worked closely together over the past few months to yield a strong cohesive unit. That experience is one I will carry with me going forward and treasure all the efforts of each team member’s contributions.

Marc and I always wanted to be part of a strong effective team, comprised of professionals, acting in natural cooperation in achieving stated goals established by we who own the corporation.

A strong effective team can complete challenging projects. The complexity of transforming our beta software while completely reworking and clarifying our vision to impart the Newbound Network capabilities demonstrates our team’s effectiveness.



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