Reading Two Important Books for Business

My software partnership S-Corp., Newbound, Inc., continues to develop ground-breaking products and services for our clients and software customers.

To expand our market we continually educate ourselves in a variety of ways including researching new technologies and learning how to operate our company in lean ways.

Among my many research resources I review almost every day, currently I am reading two books in particular:

The first book accompany’s a free online Udacity class I’m taking, How to Build a Startup. Newbound is already an established software consulting solutions business. We are now beginning to sell our software products online and in that perspective, we realize we are in startup mode.

The second book is the result of speaking to one of the authors at a downtown San Diego business meeting last week. The subject of the book relates to the software products Newbound is developing for the emerging global recognition of the, Internet of Things (IoT).

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