Python vs. Project Management

I’ve used my programming skills so much this week I need to remind myself I’m really a project manager. Hmmm.

Tonight I decided to install Apple’s Xcode software tonight. Not too many months ago I uninstalled that software thinking I would never need it again as a project manager. Why?

I decided to upgrade my computer to use Python 3.1.2 using MacPorts which required I have Xcode installed first. I knew the latest version is Python 3.1.3 and 3.2 release is imminent. However, the MacPorts makes the large number of open-source installs easy so I started out with the latest install package MacPorts offered.

All of this programming installation activity enables me to more easily deal with the the various open source projects I encounter in working with Python  and the Amazon Elastic MapReduce Ruby Client occasional dependencies. I could see where that was heading so I dived in tonight to tackle the necessities.

Now that I’m pretty close to being up-to-date with Python’s released version, I can tackle more of the tutorial work ahead as I find some time. In the meantime while I await the 3.2 release version, I can work on the Pig Latin and Hive languages in working with Hadoop and the Amazon MapReduce Clusters.

Yes, I’m really a project manager, just ask my software partner! It’s nice to know I can still switch my mind from one distinctly different knowledge domain to another.

Both capabilities will come in handy as the Newbound internal projects come into fruition later this year. I know this because I manage the project scheduled agreed upon… 😉

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