San Diego CyberTECH September 2016 EIR Orientation Report

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Immediately after my first CyberTECH Meetup this morning, I attended and spoke at the first Entrepreneur in Residence Orientation (also at the iBoss Cybersecurity San Diego location) where new groups and advisors introduced ourselves and exchanged our varied views of successes and failures as entrepreneurs.

This new concept is primarily to help qualified startups. Below is a partial description of the ambitious program:

“California’s tech-inspired startups drive many of today’s hottest and most innovative products and services, helping to further position the state as theglobal center for excellence in Cybersecurity, Internet of Things and Emerging Technologies such as drones, blockchain, robotics, and 3D printing.

In that spirit, CyberTECH is proud to announce the CyberTECH Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) — a six-month, low-rent program designed to build strategic relationships between early-stage companies and CyberTECH’s growing ecosystem of partners and stakeholders.

This innovative program leveraging CyberTECH’s “Social Community Incubator Model” is designed as a major element of CyberTECH’s Smart & Safe Cities initiative, in partnership with CyberCalifornia.”

I was invited by Darin Andersen, CEO of CyberTECH, to assist as an Advisor in this program. I intend to offer my skills honed from my 36-year computer technology career as an independent sole proprietor, and executive officer in my two prior S-Corp software development partnerships (EveryDay Objects, Inc. [ 1993 to 1997 ]; and Newbound, Inc. [ 2007-2015 ]).

I’ll have opportunities to use and teach my Toastmaster speaking and leadership skills, my project management skills, along with my creative presentation skills.

I look forward to developing new friendships and business contacts as I learn from the other Advisors and startup teams along the way.

Please consider attending CyberTECH’s future Meetups and to join the CyberTECH community as paid members.. I’ll look for you there. 🙂

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San Diego CyberTECH September 2016 Security Table Breakfast – Securing Drone and Unmanned Vehicle Spaces Report

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This morning I attended the Security Table Breakfast – Securing Drone and Unmanned Vehicle Spaces Meetup where about 40 or so people attended. Good food and drinks were provided to all. This event was held at the iBoss Cybersecurity San Diego location.


A Panel Discussion ensued and a wide variety of aspects of drones and their effect of society were covered by these panelists.


  • Moderator: Kathleen Glass, President San Diego AA-ISP
  • Co-Chair Egbert Oostburg, CEO, Drone Aviator
  • Nick Phillips, CEO, MiPOV Technologies
  • John Marselus, DMin, Director of Aviation SDCC Aviation
  • Chris Park, CIO iboss
  • Daniel Magy, Founder & CEO, Citadel Defense Company

The audience interacted with the panel in voicing their questions and comments.

Below are some of my notable takeaways from this presentation:

  • In 2016 there have been been more drone pilot registrations than any other type of aircraft
  • Network hacking is taking place by drones landing on roofs to crack into unsuspecting networks, or to use cameras to spy into buildings from extended range
  • Drones are selling at the rate of 200,000 a month in the U.S. and 500,000 worldwide
  • UCSD has a huge drone lab
  • Kali Linux may be run on a Raspberry Pi for  digital forensics and penetration testing. Mounted on a  drone, Sticky Fingers Kali is one of the ambitious ways to hack networks
  • Every prison in the world is being penetrated by drones 5-10 times a day. Dropping 5 or so phones at a time, later a wireless server outside the prison is established allowing the phones to communicate

I couldn’t cover everything mentioned. It is one of the reasons to attend CyberTECH events and to join the CyberTECH community as paid members.

Please consider attending CyberTECH’s future Meetups. I’ll look for you there. 🙂

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San Diego CyberTECH September 2016 Entrepreneur in Residence Kick Off Luncheon Report

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I attended the September 15, 2016, Thursday Noon CyberTECH Entrepreneur in Residence Kick Off Luncheon where about 60 or so people attended. Good food and drinks were provided to all. This event was held at the NEST Location.

Darin Andersen, CEO of CyberTECH, provided additional information about the day’s event and spoke of future plans for this new part of the CyberTECH Vision:

“CyberTECH EIR startups will work independently with the support of the CyberTECH community. In some cases, EIRs may be embedded directly in departments or with Business Units at CyberTECH’s corporate partners to accelerate their business concepts and new technology products and services.

In addition to being assigned to a Mentorship Team, CyberTECH EIR startups will have access to no- or low-cost office space, along with discounted or low-cost software, high-speed Internet, strategic, legal and marketing professionals and other early stage startup services. Some startups may be offered stipends or scholarships from CyberTECH ecosystem companies.”

I spoke with two new acquaintances at my lunch table:

I also spoke with other people I know from my business associations:

Please consider attending CyberTECH’s future Meetups. I’ll look for you there. 🙂

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Apple WWDC 2016 Videos Watched

As of July 28, 2016

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As an Independent Apple iOS Developer, I continually learning new information on programming in that knowledge domain.

For the last few weeks almost every day I watch  some of the recent Apple Developer Conference videos from June 2016. The list below is current as of this post’s date.

  1. What’s New in Swift (Session 402)
  2. Introduction to Xcode (Session 413)
  3. Introducing Apple File System (Session 701)
  4. Visual Debugging with Xcode (Session 410)
  5. Introducing Swift Playgrounds (Session 408)
  6. Protocol and Value Oriented Programming in UIKit Apps (Session 419)
  7. What’s New in Core Data (Session 242)
  8. Improving Existing Apps with Modern Best Practices (Session 213)
  9. Getting Started with Swift (Session 404)
  10. Understanding Swift Performance (Session 416)
  11.  What’s New in Foundation for Swift (Session) 207)
  12. Measurements and Units (Session 238)
  13. Concurrent Programming With GCD in Swift 3 (Session Session 720)
  14. Thread Sanitizer and Static Analysis (Session 412)
  15. What’s New in Cocoa Touch (Session 205)
  16. What’s New in UICollectionView in iOS 10 (Session 219)
  17. What’s New in Auto Layout (Session 236)
  18. What’s New with CloudKit (Session 226)
  19. CloudKit Best Practices (Session 231)
  20. NSURLSession: New Features and Best Practices (Session 711)
  21. Making Apps Adaptive, Part 1 (Session 222)
  22. Making Apps Adaptive, Part 2 (Session 233)
  23. What’s New in Xcode App Signing (Session 401)
  24. What’s New in iTunes Connect (Session 305)
  25. iMessage Apps and Stickers, Part 1 (Session 204)
  26. iMessage Apps and Stickers, Part 2 (Session 224)
  27. Platforms State of the Union (Session 102)
  28. Introducing SiriKit (Session 217)
  29. What’s New in LLVM (Session 405)
  30. Debugging Tips and Tricks (Session 417)
  31. Using Time Profiler in Instruments (Session 418)
  32. System Trace in Depth (Session 411)
  33. Advanced Testing and Continuous Integration (Session 409)


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Remembering “The Passage Of A Deer Woman Encounter”

Ten years have passed since Gene Weed and I worked on the music included on one of my home page themes from my Time Out Of Mind website.

“The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. My freedom followed the Deer Woman storm. The anniversary of the encounter remains. For me, the time of the season for Deer Woman is passed.”


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French Exchange Students at Cal State San Marcos University

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Last year I had the opportunity to give two presentations for visiting Foreign Exchange IT Students at Cal State San Marcos University. It call came about through an encounter at the Open House there earlier that Spring.

Front Entrance to Cal State

Here are my two blog posts for last summer’s presentations:

This Summer I was again contacted by the Cal State’s Student Advisor, to request some outside activities for this year’s group. I was glad to help.

I arranged for some of them to attend a joint San Diego Java User’s Group and Robotics Meetup in downtown San Diego last week. I was informed afterwards they found it very useful and fun.

Then last Thursday night about 15 of the students met up with me and other members at the SDiOS Meetup held in Carlsbad Village. That was a relaxed meeting where I had a chance to get to know some of them more closely.

This was their first visit to the United States and so they asked me about some of my many travels I mentioned. I asked a couple of them about France.

Don’s USA States Visited (shown in red)

Then last Monday night three of the students attended the larger SDiOS Meetup at UCSD Extension. After the meeting I spoke with them and they again said they enjoyed meeting some of the other attendees.

I have some further recommended Meetups for them later in the summer if they choose to attend. It’s a very cool experience to visit with them each time.

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Carlsbad, CA Business Network International (BNI) Visit

On Thursday, June 16, 2016, I attended the Carlsbad Chapter of the Business Network International (BNI) as a substitute for my good friend, Pierre Doche, D.M.D. The meeting was held at the luxurious Casa De Bandini Restaurant located in Carlsbad, California.

BNI is a very professional group of business people meeting to network and hear Chapter news and to inform others of their referrals for business and offer testimonials of affiliated members. They know how to have a great time while conducting useful meetings.

Upon arrival at 7:00 am, I was warmly greeted by officers of the Chapter, signed in, given a nametag, and then introduced to about 7-10 other Chapter members as the 30-40 attendees arrived. Breakfast was served buffet-style and the food was delicious.

The Meeting lasted about 90-minutes and I had the opportunity to speak twice: once in support of Dr. Doche’s business, and the second time as a short evaluation of my visit.

I spoke to a couple vendors after the meeting as they had mentioned items of interest during their turns to speak:

• Brian Frantz, owner of eSearch Marketing

• Andrea Arteaga L.Ac., of TSAI Acupuncture Group

Another friend of mine, Dimitris P. Magemeneas AAMS®,  is also a BNI member and he mentioned this latest worthy community fundraising effort, MegaGamePlex, in San Marcos, CA.


Lastly, I thank my friend, Dr. Doche, for inviting me to substitute for him in his absence. On my podcast archives, I interviewed him twice in 2005. He possesses and interesting philosophy:

  1. July 19, 1995
  2. December 13, 2005


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A Story of Missteps From UserLand and Apple

This link is about the story of UserLand by one of the early employees. Only we users who rode that trail behind them can understand the fuller meaning.

“I still keep thinking that we lost something when we lost Frontier as a modern, updated app. It was a remarkable playground, in the best sense, and I’d still love to be able to reboot it as a modern Cocoa app (forget Windows) — because I think the internet would benefit by what people who use it come up with.

It’s inherently geeky, since it’s a developer tool. But at the same time it’s more accessible than text editor + command line + Ruby/Python/whatever. It can give more people a taste of what power on the internet is like — the power to create your own things, to re-de-centralize, to not rely on Twitter and Facebook and Apple and Microsoft and Google for everything.”

I started using Frontier in early 1992 on my Mac IIcx. I quickly started writing UserTalk Scripts to control other Mac apps that implemented Apple Events. I was chaining Mac processes on remote Macs with my Mac across dial-up lines in the United States and Europe. It was a bit like being a symphony conductor orchestrating programs to increase administrative productivity (Operations) for staff on a Board of Directors Quality Program for a global management consulting company I worked for in the 1990’s.

It was not long before I conjured up the name for what I had created, “Automatic Workflow Processing” and have used that knowledge ever since.

I think Apple missed the boat, harbor, and land itself when it didn’t acquire Userland’s Frontier technology. They already had HyperCard for rapid prototyping front-ends that communicated with Frontier. I used that combination for software solutions myself.

But the early 1990’s was a turbulent time for Apple. It had ejected Steve Jobs in 1985 and thus lost its best visionary leader. It wouldn’t recover until Apple purchased Job’s Next company and bringing him back as CEO.

Yeah, I’ve witnessed a great deal of corporate stupidity in my nearly 36 year computer technology career. I fought many battles to a loss instead of exiting hopeless corporate mindsets much sooner.

I created my first website in early 1995. I had a few different hand-created websites before I started using Frontier to build websites programmatically in 1998. I was transformed using Frontier for that work.

My Time Out of Mind website created in April 2002 still runs built on Radio Userland, a Frontier off-shoot. All 1200+ pages written, rendered, and automatically published to my server.

Not too many solutions like Frontier exists today as a package in the current level of technology. No Steve Jobs to lead into the future. Sometimes doors close and no doors open forever.

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My 1970 Honda CL 175 Scrambler

After my U.S. Navy Reserve sea training in the middle of April 1970, I purchased a 1970 Honda CL 175 Scrambler for about $650 cash. Of the three motorcycles I owned in life, this second one was my favorite.

1970 Honda CL 175 Scrambler

The specs for it are basically the same as the 1970 Honda CB 175 except for some minor design changes.

I drove this one in 1970-71 mostly with my good friend, Bill Artus. You may read about it in my Motorcycle Fever story on my Time Out Of Mind website.


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An Old Post Revisited

On November 1, 2009 I published my personal story concerning the International Harvester (IH) and United Auto Workers (UAW) strike that lasted almost six months from November 1, 1979 until April 20, 1980. I was a UAW member on strike during that time.

That post on my Time Out Of Mind website was accessed by readers many times over the years. I received a few emails about that story. The one I received in this past week is revealing.

I requested the sender to grant me permission to publish the message written to me, except I would withhold any reference to the sender’s identity. That agreement came this morning. Below is what was written to me about my 2009 strike topic.

Dear Mr. Larson,

I am a PhD candidate who is working on my dissertation and in the course of my research (looking into the economic crisis of the early 1980s) I came across your wonderful blog.

Thank you for posting your memories of the 1979-1980 IH strike. My dad worked in the Skills Trades at the West Pullman plant for 30 years–going into forced retirement in 1982. He was a member of IAM, but I know that they were also on strike in partnership with the UAW.

It was great to read your post. My dad was also an IH union steward and he didn’t have anything nice to say about Archie McCardell. In fact, at our dinner table, he painted him as a sort of villain with a waxed mustache, hair parted down the middle, who would leave a woman tied up on the train tracks screaming for help.

My mother kept a “strike scrapbook” where she pasted news articles about the strike as well as the food stamp booklets that my parents were so ashamed to have to use. I’m sure it was difficult not knowing how long the strike would last–six months is a long time. I certainly could not remain solvent today going that long without income.

I wanted to thank you for sharing your memories. If you wouldn’t mind sharing more information about your experiences during the economic downturn of the early 1908s, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I responded to the sender last weekend. My message is next.

Thank you for writing to me.

My career with IH actually started in the West Pullman Planet on October 1, 1974. After layoffs through the mid 1970’s between the West Pullman and Melrose Park Plants, I stayed at Melrose from May 1977 until my layoff in October 1981.

Your father’s impression of Archie is accurate. Not much different than mine was. So many people harmed by that strike, including retirees who had depended on that company’s stock value for income before and during the strike. The strike while long, and cost me and my wife about $3,000 out of our savings, had a benefit to me later on after IH.

Before the strike started in October 1979, I started school at Triton College the prior August taking Trade Math and Drafting Classes. More Math classes continued through June 1980 and later in 1983. Because of the strike I devoted a great deal of time to studying and as a result I have a ‘A’ average for all those classes. All that education helped me in my computer career, and later in my project management and business careers.

The recessions of the mid 1970’s taught my wife and me how to remain strong in the face of economic pressure. We almost went broke in June 1976 as we we awaited the birth of our daughter in September of that year. But we made it through those years and the recessions of the early 1980’s.

I learned to not take recessions personally and instead to keep my mind focused on continuous learning as a hedge against economic downturns. I still keep learning to this day:

I hope what I’ve written is helpful to you. I wish you well on your own continuing education.

The internet is a wonderful resource allowing people from all over the world to communicate about matters spanning decades. The life experiences are often reveal even between total strangers. It is that way for this post.


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