San Diego Padres Game April 29, 2015

On Wednesday, April 29, 2015 I attended the San Diego Padres game.

I drove my car from home to the Old Town San Diego Trolley Free Parking lot and purchased Round Trip Senior fare to Petco Park.

I had a fun day there, talking to people and checking out different seat positions for future game choices.

I took some pictures and videos below.

Just inside the gate

My seat is across from this photo

From my seat

Nachos snack before start of game

First pitch of game

Watching to catch the San Diego Trolley back to Old Town

Final Tally

Padres lose again ūüôĀ

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Kids waiting to go inside to the game

[video src="" /]

Batting Practice

[video src="" /]

20 minutes to start of game. The fans slowly fill the park. This my first noon-time game ever in my life.

[video src="" /]

Seventh Inning Stretch

[video src="" /]


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