Newbound’s Small Business Association (S.B.A.) Certification

The Small Business Association (SBA) is a terrific resource for entrepreneurs. Their extensive free services provide key value for business owners starting out and those already established.

During a conversation with my daughter last January, she advised me to seek my S Corporation software partnership, Newbound Inc’s., certification with the SBA. It was great advice!

I contacted my nearest Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Oceanside, CA for the initial interview. That first interview is conducted by a seasoned professional well-versed in helping entrepreneurs at all levels of small business. I was informed of the free services offered consisting of informative classes and experienced consultants.

I wanted to learn how to get Newbound certified and was provided a project plan by my lead consultant to accomplish that goal. The plan established the criteria our company would need to meet and the steps my business partner and I would complete to meet the certification(s) we wanted.

SBA Certification and the process to attain that ranking takes work. We did a lot of work including taking the classes indicated below between February and June and many follow-up meetings with several SBDC consultants, each bringing us closer the achieving certification.

Classes taken:

  • 10 Steps To Doing Business with Government Agencies
  • 5 Reasons Small Business Pay Too Much in Taxes and How To Make It Stop
  • Meet Your Banker
  • Marketing Strategies and Planning Tools and Strategies to Give Your Business an Edge
  • Tech Series Part I- Intro to Commercializing Your Technology
  • Tech Series Part II- All About IP (Intellectual Property)
  • Tech Series Part III- Bringing Your Product to Market
  • Tech Series Part IV- Funding Options
  • Online Marketing

The Tech Series classes were two solid straight days of information. The room was filled with participants.

There are other classes to be sure that I didn’t attend. The Oceanside office is always adding new classes and topics. I’m sure to be back for some of those.

All that project effort paid off for us. On Monday, June 25, 2012, Newbound Inc., was certified for federal projects. It was a wonderful journey for our company. We understand a lot more about business in general and we have gained an important and strategic relationship with the SBDC consultant team.

If you are a small business or wanting to start one, even if you’re not interested in the various certifications, the SBA and SBDC’s can help you. Maybe I’ll meet you one day and exchange our stories of how we were helped by them. 🙂

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