Newbound Inc’s. New 3D MakerBot Replicator 2 Printer

This was reported on my software partner and CEO, Marc Raiser’s, Wall.

“Today my company (Newbound, Inc.) took the plunge and ordered up a brand new 3D printer to assist in our ongoing research and development efforts. This printer can print objects up 12″x6″x6″ in volume! Expect to see some exciting new 3D designs in the near future. Our old 3D printer will be donated to my son’s high school.”

Many of Marc’s 3D design templates have been downloaded many thousands of times by users all over the world. The software products we create and sell control many of the robotic 3D user-printed products from some of our templates.

With this new larger capacity 3D printer, we move into a new level of marketing and involvement in the rapidly growing 3D printer industry.

There is a YouTube video of this printer in action.

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