My iOS 5 “Hello World!” App

Part of my iOS Programming Series.

Earlier this year I started working with Apple’s iOS 4 Software Development Kit (SDK) using Xcode 4.0 and later 4.1. The lessons I absorbed were good and when I completed them in early August, I decided to wait until iOS 5 was released before proceeding further.

Today I started working with Xcode 4.2 and iOS 5 under my Mac Lion version 10.7.2. I like all of it a great deal.

There are several enhancements to Xcode 4.2 and improved capabilities of iOS 5. I won’t go into those descriptions here because the Apple iOS Developer website is a better source for that information and soon other great resources will appear online, found via Google or Siri, or in other ways.

The “Hello World!” lesson I used today is found on the iOS Dev Center page. On that page click the “Getting Started” link. And on that resulting page, click the “iOS Starting Point” link.

That lesson will explain some of the concepts you need to know and you should work through the lesson’s pages to understand and create your first app just like I did. It’s a simple app, but for those starting out, it explains the steps clearly.

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