Movie: The King’s Speech

Today I went to see the 2010 movie, The King’s Speech. It is a wonderfully powerful movie about the United Kingdom’s, King George VI.

The story exposes a great deal of family tension and stress that the royal family endured as a result of the expected duties of the realm. As an American born without a royal hierarchy figurehead family, I didn’t know much about the internal struggles of a man destined by fate to be King.

How royalty is expected to behave in private and public becomes apparent soon into the film. Along the development of the plot the audience sees how privileged royalty are brought up with the perception they are to be above the common man. Over time, the distinction becomes blurred and more even keel develops.

Every person has their own demons, thoughts and emotions that torment. This film serves to illustrate a successful struggle overcoming one main demon that is comprised of others. It’s an example of how the friendship between unlikely people can bring forth fruition to a better outcome through perseverance.

The movie has strong emotional components, from elation to despair. Be prepared to feel as if you are standing in the character’s own shoes.

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