September 17, 2015 San Diego Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup

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I recently attended the San Diego Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup, covering the topic, Can Bitcoin Pay for IoT? at CyberTech Network in San Diego, California.

Cybertech/iHive now has over 1,000 members. It is involved in local state, and national activities. There is a schedule of upcoming events at the Meetup website.

This meeting was sponsored by:

About 100 or so people attended and we had a Panel Discussion consisting of five leaders in IoT .

The Five Panelists were:

  • Bill Bonney (Moderator), Information Security Evangelist
  • Emory Roane; Juris Doctor Candidate
  • Justine Phillips; Special Counsel, SheppardMullin
  • Paul Puey; CEO & Co-Founder, Airbitz
  • Paul Boulanger; CIPP/US, CISSP, CIPT, CCSK, SoCal Privacy Consultants

There was much interaction between the audience and panelists regarding security of using BitCoin as a solution. After some initial exchanges of the benefits and complications of this new technology, the conversation evolved into other areas of using the BitCoin concept beyond financial transactions.

This is a continuing conversation topic. San Diego region has the technology talent and is a focal point for anchoring that talent here.

Some of the 100 attendees.

Some of the 100 attendees.

Each Meetup I attend brings many new faces and many new ideas to technology topics. At CyberTECH and The Silent Intelligence meetings the attendees are getting to the heart of the issues. I’m proud to be at the focal point efforts for both organizations in San Diego.

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