April 9, 2015 San Diego Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup

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I recently attended the San Diego Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup, covering the topic, Internet of Things (IoT): Robotics and IoT Convergence at CyberTech Network in San Diego, California.

About 68 or so people attended and we had a Panel Discussion consisting of five leaders in IoT, Robotics, and CyberSecurity.

The Five Panelists were:

  • Jeff Debrosse: Founder and CEO of Nxt Robotics
  • Kaveh Akbari Hamed, PhD: Assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering at San Diego State University
  • Ping Wang PhD, Director at Techstars
  • Jason Oberg PhD, Co-founder and CEO at Tortuga Logic, Inc.
  • Bob Jannarone, CEO at Brainlike, Inc.

Four of the Five Panelists (not shown on far left is Kaveh Akbari Hamed, PhD, seated)

Much of the discussion revolved around definitions to try to distinguish between what is a machine vs. a robot, what limits do robots have, are they really a part of IoT or something else? The answers are not always easy to explain and in many cases there may be great or little overlap amongst them.

As the discussion and interchange with the audience evolved, I started to realize that although those questions have been raised previously in other meetings, I sensed the questions posed to the panelists and their combined responses contained less variation than in the past.

Could it be we are closer to committing to a common unification framework or is our vocabulary becoming clearer as a necessary first step?

Ping Wang made a very cogent analogy comparing Plants to what IoT is, and Animals to what Robotics is. That’s when I started to consider we are into a new phase towards convergence. I hope he considers publishing a White Paper on that concept.

Each Meetup I attend brings many new faces and many new ideas to technology topics. At CyberTECH and The Silent Intelligence meetings the attendees are getting to the heart of the issues. I’m proud to be at the focal point efforts for both organizations in San Diego.

Update: 04/16/2015

An example of this article's tweet being "favorited". This post was favorited over 20 times!

An example of this article’s tweet being “favorited”. This post was favorited over 20 times!

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