Learning To Use iOS 5 Xcode 4.2 and JSON Under Lion 10.7.2

Part of my iOS Programming Series.

This week I continue to learn about iOS 5 with Xcode 4.2 under the current MacOS X. Today’s comments relate to the excellent lesson, Working with JSON in iOS 5 Tutorial, by Marin Todorov, a member of Ray Wenderlich’s iOS Tutorial Team.

JSON is a lightweight nearly universal way to exchange data. It’s popularity emerged quickly and now the iOS devices can easily receive and send JSON formatted data. Marin’s’ tutorial shows you how.


I’m not financially connected with Ray in any manner except that I pay him for his lessons.

Marin’s tutorial is short and to the point. It emphasizes how easy it is to incorporate JSON into an iOS 5 app. There are plenty of reasons why this is useful. My software partner and I at Newbound, Inc., have some software development ideas under consideration that are based upon JSON and the iOS devices.

In the linked tutorial article, Marin added some extra Objective-C Class and Instance methods to simplify NSDictionary use with JSON. It’s just one of the ways that Marin adds extra value to his work and mission to help people learn how to program the iOS 5.

Note: I use the Safari 5.11 browser for web connections. When accessing a JSON file on the web the presented data is not easily read. I discovered this wonderful Safari Extension that displays human-readable JSON data via a url.

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