A Short Introduction: Interpreter for Embedded Target

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One of my friends, Mark Williamsen, writes a blog about his various projects. Recently he sent me this link concerning his, Measurement Appliance Design Page. This is a deep topic (to me) concerning how to create interfaces for embedded devices that acquires and then measures data.

Here is Mark’s definition for a Measurement Appliance:

“A “Measurement Appliance” is simply a measuring instrument which exposes a file system interface. This is my definition, which I’m using to promote a new paradigm for data acquisition, measurement, and control. The concept is quite simple, based on the current generation of handheld devices which expose a file system interface via USB (Universal Serial Bus).”

I understand the thrust of his perspective for communicating with embedded devices relies upon the simple file system which is built into most computer systems. Mark describes his writings as, “simple proof-of-concept prototypes” that he would like to advance.

His description goes into a lot of detail, some of which is over my head and some has captivated my attention. Two references helped me better understand Mark’s idea:

Apparently the beauty and simplicity of his design revolves around the portability of text files stored on volumes that are automatically recognized by many standard computer systems that cause program execution by means of triggering filesystem calls!

Readers are asked to refer to Mark’s actual blog for more details. I’ve barely scratched the surface because this post is simply an introduction of the potential usage of this concept.

I can say Mark believes custom interpreters can be easily written for embedded devices using his idea and is a great solution for the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

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