Full Stack Meeting: Using Git and Xcode with Amazon Cloud EC2 and Raspberry Pi Computers

On August 29, 2013 I presented the Git Distributed Version Control System at the Full Stack North County Meetup in Carlsbad, CA. About  31 people attended to learn and network with each other in a relaxed environment.

Here is the pdf slideshow from the Full Stack Meetup. Within those slides the green hyperlinks are active. It is suggested you download the pdf to your computer for better viewing.

I thank the Planning Center for hosting this event.

My session was a shorter version of my July 2013 SDiOS Meetup presentation on the same topic at the UCSD Extension in San Diego, CA.

I slightly changed the Apple Keynote slides for this appearance and informed the audience that my SDiOS blog post (linked above) contained the essential steps in pdf format for establishing an Amazon Cloud Server and installing Git to allow Xcode and another apps to use it.

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