French Exchange Students at Cal State San Marcos University

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Last year I had the opportunity to give two presentations for visiting Foreign Exchange IT Students at Cal State San Marcos University. It call came about through an encounter at the Open House there earlier that Spring.

Front Entrance to Cal State

Here are my two blog posts for last summer’s presentations:

This Summer I was again contacted by the Cal State’s Student Advisor, to request some outside activities for this year’s group. I was glad to help.

I arranged for some of them to attend a joint San Diego Java User’s Group and Robotics Meetup in downtown San Diego last week. I was informed afterwards they found it very useful and fun.

Then last Thursday night about 15 of the students met up with me and other members at the SDiOS Meetup held in Carlsbad Village. That was a relaxed meeting where I had a chance to get to know some of them more closely.

This was their first visit to the United States and so they asked me about some of my many travels I mentioned. I asked a couple of them about France.

Don’s USA States Visited (shown in red)

Then last Monday night three of the students attended the larger SDiOS Meetup at UCSD Extension. After the meeting I spoke with them and they again said they enjoyed meeting some of the other attendees.

I have some further recommended Meetups for them later in the summer if they choose to attend. It’s a very cool experience to visit with them each time.

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