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Hello everyone,

Time Out Of Mind’s NewAdventure sections are here.

This is a brief message to let you know that the vast majority of the old Time Out Of Mind content is now archived. It will remain there for the foreseeable future.

As you recall, I stopped publishing in the old philosophical theme on July 30, 2010. I thought a lot about what to do with my website, including shutting it down. I thought it had served its purpose, and I thought I had served mine too.

I was surprised to learn that my website continued to be access each day at the same rate (about 2,500 pages a day) all the time between July 30th and October 9th. I started thinking about why that might be? Some of you wrote to me, a few even called me, one even came to my house saying I should keep writing on the website. I listened to what they said, asking myself how should I adapt if I went forward? Around the end of September I began to understand…

I’m calling my new path the NewAdventure. It certainly feels like one and start it out the following way.

I have added two new sections which are:
  1. A new Time Out Of Mind section and home page for evolving content primarily using HTML5 and CSS3 as I find the time to add pages for that. The new home page may be thought of as a door to everything that awaits.
  2. A WordPress Blog titled, NewAdventures, so I can write up new ideas and thoughts in a modern technological way.

I will not return to the practice of mailing out updates to you as I did in the past. I’m not tracking page views in the new sections.

I hope you come by to see once in a while or properly use the RSS Feed links to see what pops up in the blog as I post there.

Thank you for your time today and in the future events where our minds may intersect…



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