Fear Mountain

Part of the Short Stories Series.

Each day the young woman walked the same path as she had for so many years. One day she noticed a small mound of dirt by the side of the road. She passed that small mound of dirt without too much concentration.

As the days went by however, the dirt mound grew in size. Soon it was taller than she was. A month later it was larger than a house. By the time many months had passed, a mountain stood preventing passage along the path.

This new immense mountain could not be explained by any experts. However, one day, the old man who lived alone in a nearby otherwise vacant desolate valley came by to inspect the new feature.

The old man was very peculiar. No one ever spoke to him. The gossip about him was harsh because he never fit in with the rest of the community.

The old man studied the mountain, a smile came across his face. He understood the cause of why it appeared. He started to walk away, his curiosity satisfied.

The young woman sensed the old man understood what no others could. She asked him to tell her what he knew. At first the old man, unaccustomed to speaking with others, was reluctant to respond. She politely asked him again with a smile on her face.

He told her the mountain was raised by all the fears of all humanity in the world. The Creator had put it there to represent the lack of faith people have in themselves. If people believed in themselves more, no mountain could ever block their path. With that the old man walked away.

The young woman heeded his words. She started a movement to convince people to believe in themselves, to reject fear each and every day of their lives. Her efforts took years to catch on to a large degree.

First her nation rid their fears, then other nations who had their own mysterious mountains realized the benefit too. It was at that point the mountains of fear started to shrink. In a few years, the spontaneous mountains cleared, the paths ahead unimpeded. The world’s population learned a valuable lesson.

The woman went to find the old man to thank him for his insights. He was gone, nowhere to be found. The valley he had once lived in was now fertile and blossomed with all kinds of life. She began to understand who he really was. She could do that now because she retained no fear within.

It is said The Creator works in mysterious ways. Perhaps it is not so mysterious after-all.


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