Facebook Friend Departs

I have over 100 people on my Facebook Wall. Many of them I never met, they asked to be on my Wall and I accepted them without condition.

The group contains active and inactive posters, a choice they are free to make. Sometimes a few people acknowledge my posts and I theirs. No pressure from me to make them do anything.

Yesterday I received a private message from one of those unmet friends. She is in severe pain and needs medical attention. She asked my for a lot of money to help her. She explained her medical problem to me and she is desperate for assistance.

After contemplating my response, I informed her I would not be sending her money. Instead I performed some medical research for her and provided links to free services in her city that she should seek for real help. I closed by wishing her well in the outcome.

Afterwards I thought about how she lost her perspective and go begging for money from people that do not know her personnaly. I have no way of knowing what she would actually be doing with any money given to her by anyone. Sometimes money causes more problems than solving them. I realized I had given her the best answer for her and to help restore a sense of pride and perspective within her and seek free medical help.

Today I received her reply. In it she blames me for not doing more for her. For suggesting solutions that she had not mentioned trying, yet blames me for suggesting them as if she hadn’t tried already. She ended with an abrupt insult and then eliminated me as a Facebook friend.

I will not miss her. I do however wonder if she will continue to spiral down by blaming others that have no personal responsibility towards her well being. Or will she take-charge of her own life and find a novel solution to her problem. I may never know and she created that ending by her own choice.

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