External Test and Validation of the Newbound Network Connectivity and Usage

I successfully performed an external test of the secure, private, peer-to-peer, encrypted Newbound Network today. No cloud in the middle to track my usage.

In my office I had three separate devices running the Newbound Network (listed below):

Each device has all the Newbound Network software apps available to it and when connected to other Newbound Network devices (either locally or remotely), all the same apps of those connected devices too.

Below is the current set of the Newbound Network Software:

For my remote access, I went to Panera’s about a half-mile away with a MacBook Pro laptop also running the Newbound Network and simply connected via the Internet to all Newbound Network devices back at my office and ran the apps on those devices locally as if they were on my MacBook Pro laptop.

Below are the four connections mentioned above

My iMac:

My Raspberry Pi Computer:

The MacBook Pro:

The Web Enabled Powerstrip:

I was able to control the Web Enabled Powerstrip located back at the office, right there on my MacBook Pro laptop.

This is very cool! I could be on the other side of the world and connect just as easily. That’s just part of the power of the Newbound Network!

We have a number of beta users now, some are modelers and some are developers creating their own Newbound Network apps with the BotBuilder, adding them to their private network.

If you are interested in joining our expanded beta program to experiment with the Newbound Network for yourself, please contact Marc Raiser at: marc@newbound.com.

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