Effective Leadership in My Career

There is so much discussion of leadership on the internet in 2016. It makes me wonder how many people actually provided effectively leadership in an organization?

I’ve exercised leadership in many ways throughout my career. The next part below introduces my running for President of Twin Oaks Toastmasters in San Marcos, CA in 2004. It also talks about the end of that term and my views on the State of the Club as a result. I provide two pdf examples:

I was never afraid to openly state my plans ahead of time in writing and report back on the outcome of my plans also in writing.

A strong leader leads from the front, never behind.

Almost eight years ago I ended my Toastmaster membership after five years of contributions and learning from others. I have many emails containing kind remarks to me for my leadership and mentoring efforts.

This next link is about the “Pay It Forward” philosophy I advocate and practice. It mostly sums up my five tears of wonderfully rewarding Toastmaster experiences.

America needs strong leaders! Be One!

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