Don Working at Home 1992 to Today

March 25, 2020


I learned many useful skills in virtual operations since 1992, some using telephone modems before the Internet arose!

My Mac tools back then were: Frontier (Userland Software for Scripting control of Mac systems; AppleTalk Remote Access referred by ARA, (Apple Computer for connecting AppleTalk Networks; and Timbuktu controlling software.

Telephone 28.8k modems were slow back then, but by building Frontier scripts I could create a complex series of user-actions to transfer via ARA and then execute on remote Macs using Timbuktu to monitor the operations. Learning the Hayes Command Set was a plus back then.

Using those tools I built automated solutions in Chicago that ran on Mac computers running between US States and Europe for personal or corporate tasks.

Later when the Internet arrived and using high-speed Ethernet networks, the speeds greatly increased replacing telephone modems.

The planning and project management skills I acquired came in handy when my later software corporations (Everyday Objects, Inc. and later Newbound, Inc.) began.

Now 28 years later the business world is discovering many of the same steps I took as work from home becomes common in 2020.

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