Don’s Raspberry Pi Desktop Images

I use Raspberry Pi computers in my home office for various projects. A few projects involve: Ansible; Mathematica; Python programs; and Bash scripts.

I installed RealVNC Connect and RealVNC Viewer on my Raspberry Pi and iMac systems. That software allows me virtual visual access to the Raspberry Pi’s using my iMac and iPad Pro devices.

This image below displays the Raspberry Pi 3 Mathematica calculation results to my iMac  using VNC Viewer.

This image below shows two simultaneous VNC Viewer windows displaying their virtual Raspberry Pi Desktops for two different Raspberry Pi computers.

In addition to that connectivity, I use the iPad Pro app, SSH Term Pro for command line access to any computers on my home network or remote Amazon Cloud Server computers.

I enjoy these technologies for extending my knowledge and implementing new ideas.






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