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Besides Linkedin, I decide to post a more laid-back version of my resume.

I currently serve as a volunteer at CyberTECH Nest  as a Senior Advisor to the companies in the Entrepreneur in Resident (EIR) Program.  I am one of the three members of the Nestketeers, a group Subject Matter Expert for entrepreneurs local to Nest and remote around the world.

My professional credentials cover almost 37 years as a technology analyst, and business owner, and previous partner in two successful S-Corp., software partnerships.

I currently serve as a CyberTECH  Advisor to the Board. I served in two previous Corporate Board of Directors, four Civic Boards of Directors.

Specialties: Former PMI Certified Associate In Project Management (CAPM), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), and passed two Six Sigma Total Quality certifications, training, software development, public speaking, presentation skills, leadership and mentoring.

I started out with my home computer and soon discovered I had the ability to learn new programming and related technologies right at the time businesses and schools in the early 1980’s were starting to integrate small computers into their various departments. I taught a variety of adult education classes at a small Chicago suburban college and leveraged those connections to begin a sole proprietor business as a software developer and consultant. I helped teach by classroom and on-the-job training employees to improve their skills and move up the chain in their professional careers.

By the middle 1980’s I was employed in more influential positions in mid-size downtown Chicago corporations to implement multi-user relational database designs to solve complex business issues. Before the end of that decade I was a highly paid Chicago area consultant and programmer for distinguished national legal and financials firms. In one case, my work on a litigation matter, resulted in my database design being used by the United States Attorney General in a FDA Court case successfully adjudicated for that Federal Agency.

Around 1990 I was working for an global management consulting firm and by the end of my career there in 1995, I worked on top VP-level assignments and the firm’s Board of Directors Quality Program effort pursuit of the Presidential Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. That effort took me to other American and European offices of the firm providing me international business experience with other cultures.

Upon moving to San Diego County in early 1996, I continued working in my first S-Corp Software Company as CFO and Secretary. I became involved with civic organizations as the years rolled by into the mid-2000’s. In 2007 I became President and Partner of another S-Corp Software Company and worked there until the end of November 2015.

I became involved in CyberTECH in July 2013 and have contributed as an Advisor to the Board, served as IOT Meetup Co-Chair for one year, and occasionally submit blog posts for CyberTECH syndication.

I am married for 44 years to my wife, Sherry. I am a father to one daughter, herself married for 17 years. I have two grandchildren ages 10 and 8.

My hobbies include: reading, research, programming, travel, talking about my digital art, and giving presentations on topics where I hold an interest.

I am still available for part-time work and as a consultant in mutually beneficial endeavors.

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