Deer Woman Moon

Today I celebrate my first ePub publication, “Deer Woman Moon“. Right-click (how-to -> right-click on a Mac) on that link to download the file to your computer. It is DRM-Free, ready to load into iBooks for your iOS Devices such as an iPad or using another ebook reader such as Calibre that can understand the ePub format.

The Preface contains the following:

I read books about Native Americans, their history, their cultures, and their philosophical and religious beliefs. One of their many stories to explain the wonders of life concerns the issues of a woman using her wiles to gain the attention of a man and then willingly stealing from him his life’s essence, his Spirit.

The creators of that story from ancient millennia knew a lot about human nature. Events like this happen in other cultures, including mine. Such stalkers of men and their emotions exist even in modern times. They usually prey upon the younger men who are uninitiated in the ways of life and therefore easily swept away in the moment.

Fortunately, there are other women that can rescue those affected and provide real love and care afterwards. If you’re a walking-wounded from a Deer Woman encounter, keep your faith in yourself and be on the lookout for the one that will relieve your suffering.

Technical Information:

I used Apple’s Pages ’09 application to create the publication. It is easy to export ePub formats of documents created there using this template as a guide.

To put this pub publication in iBooks, please follow the four steps in this page’s section, “Transferring your ePub document to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch“.

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