Decaffeinated Coffee with a Subtle Shot of Collective Wisdom

I’m a huge believer in a couple of related subjects: Pay it Forward concept and the Subtle Magic of Life, the latter being my explanation of how I am influenced less by overt actions, than the nearly unnoticable moments  of interaction with the world.

Only in recent years did I begin to form the realization that much of my life’s directions came to be due to the slightest acknowledgement of something someone said to me, overheard by me, or observed by me. Those subtle stimulus retained in my heart or mind formed patterns of emotions or thought, becoming natural parts of my personality usually over long periods of time.

Sometimes I sensed a change in real-time when the many pre-processed inputs suddenly revealed themselves to my conscious self—a revelation at hand in that special moment of being. A deep felt reaction from what was previously unfocused became immediately understood, accepted, and integrated.

A series of those events accumulate and change me further, sometimes more noticeably within in a not so subtle way.

Recently I had a discussion with someone who provided a new insight into our society and the challenges of establishing a moral course to remedy oversights that currently are manifested in policies of the day. It wasn’t a political commentary per se. It took place over a decaffeinated cup of coffee. Instead of assigning blame, the discourse exposed a responsibility for society to face.

Some men see things as they are and say why. 
I dream things that never were and say why not.” — Senator Robert Francis Kennedy

When facing my conscience, I rely heavily on that subtle magic of life perspective and my dedication to the Pay it Forward concept. In a moment I accepted a change taking place inside me. It brought me some comfort on one level and discomfort in another for not having an immediate answer for how to proceed.

In a day or two I began to understand that I have time to adapt and adopt to new way forward. It’s not a race, it’s one step in front of the last step in a new direction. Maybe a crowd of people comprising a collective wisdom already formed awaits my joining? Perhaps destiny may resolve that, but I do not sit idly by in the meantime. I move forward undaunted.

It seems certain to me that if I have faith in my philosophy of subtle magic having important impacts on my life, the path where I place my future steps should unfold before me with synchronicity…

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