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Part of my iOS Programming Series.

I’m a member of SDiOS, a local computer developer’s group working with Apple’s iOS devices. I’m preparing a Dashcode presentation before that group in the near future. One way to use Dashcode is for creating:

Web applications—webpages that provide discrete functionality to users. Web applications also make use of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Dashcode helps you create mobile Safari web applications, which are also known as iPhone web applications (that is, web applications optimized to run in Safari on iPhone), and Safari web applications (that is, web applications optimized to run in Safari).

There are a variety of templates to help get a developer started once you have an Apple iOS Developer and have Xcode installed. I jumped right in working through the, Dual-Product Web Application Tutorial. Seeing that completed web application work without much effort was pretty cool!

If you work through that tutorial, keep in mind it was written before the latest version of Dashcode (which is 3.0.2 as of today). You’ll need to use this Data Source address instead of what the lesson indicates for your program to fetch the movie data and work correctly. 🙂

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