Learning about Board of Director Duties

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Recently I received a special invitation via my CyberTECH activities to attend  a series of meetings at prestiges Cooley in San Diego, CA for the purpose of learning about Board of Director duties in general.

I thanked the senior executives of Cooley for offering this series to entrepreneurs.

The first meeting was held on November 15, 2016 as shown on the formal agenda below.


I enjoyed the meeting along with about 20 people who interacted with questions and business experience comments posed by the excellently seasoned presenters.

All participants were provided with a booklet containing all the materials used in the accompanying slide stack as shown below.


Many of the CyberTECH EIR Program companies I advise were present and our collective experience of the audience validated the content delivered by Cooley personnel and special guests.

I look forward to the scheduled meetings over the next year.

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