Conjunctions: Activity, Project Management, and Power Communication SDiOS Presentation

On May 26, 2015, I presented at the SDiOS Meetup held at UC San Diego Extension. About 32 people attended.


The session description is:

“This talk will focus on some of the most important factors for keeping on time, within scope, and maintaining clear communication on projects. These tools and techniques can be used by anyone to make their business ventures more successful.”


The session lasted about 80 minutes and was interactive between myself and the audience. Many questions asked and answered to round out the slideshow using Apple Keynote delivered with verbal annotations across four elaborated segments totaling 50+ slides.

I appreciate last night as another rewarding opportunity to exercise my Toastmasters skills for speaking and leading a constructive gathering.

Attached are the slides in pdf format. Text in Green Font Color are hyperlinks to other slides in the document or to references on the internet. Note: If viewing the pdf in your browser and if it does not automatically connect you to the reference destination link, download the pdf locally to your device and use a pdf viewer  that will resolve link destinations.

The Reference slide (segment 5, shown below) contains links to additional resources not covered in the first four segments of the slideshow itself.


In addition I list below some Six Sigma reference links, that while not part of this presentation proper, are indeed helpful in learning to improve the managing of projects and their successful outcomes:


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