Completed the iOS 5 and Xcode 4.2 MyLocations Tutorial #3

Part of my iOS Programming Series.

Today I completed the third iOS 5 and Xcode 4.2 and final, iOS Apprentice Tutorial 3: MyLocations, in the series by the Ray Wenderlich’s iOS Tutorial Team.


I’m not financially connected with Ray in any manner except that I pay him for his lessons.

Here’s part of the description of what that lesson teaches:

Building on what you’ve learned in the previous two ebooks, this tutorial goes into more depth with both Objective-C and the iOS frameworks.

The app that we will develop, MyLocations, lets you keep a list of spots that you find interesting. You go somewhere with your iPhone to obtain GPS coordinates and the corresponding street address and then save this location along with a description and a photo in your list of favorites.

To accomplish that work I learned a great deal more about the various frameworks in iOS 5 and how to put them together. The part I enjoyed the most was learning how to use Core Data.

The copyrighted © Ray Wenderlich image below displays a few of the app’s views you will create with this commercial tutorial.

I will now review all three tutorials to help reinforce the information they contain. Then it’s on to working with more tutorials from Ray’s team. 🙂

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