Completed the iOS 5 and Xcode 4.2 Checklist Tutorial #2

Part of my iOS Programming Series.

Over a several day period I spent a total of about 12 hours working through iOS 5 and Xcode 4.2 with the Checklist Tutorial by the Ray Wenderlich’s iOS Tutorial Team. It is an extremely well put together instructional guide. I am learning so much goodness from that group. 🙂


I’m not financially connected with Ray in any manner except that I pay him for his lessons.

In this particular project the teaching covers many fundamental topics. The primary focus is to build an app that has many views controlled by View Controllers managed by Navigation Controllers. As usual, there are good explanations and enough illustrations to follow along.

I usually read the text of the tutorial on myiPad2 and then have my iMac full screen as I code.

I can already see that a student completing these tutorials is not going to be spoon fed all the way through the lesson. There will be places where you need to know what you previously learned or spend time going back to refresh more often than you should. This is a fact of life for people who want to program. I learned that truth in the early 1980’s on my first computer.

The full size tiff  image (click to expand and scroll) displayed next is from my Xcode 4.2 project window on my 24-inch iMac listing the various View and Navigation Controllers implemented in conjunction with the new Storyboard feature of that IDE.

You will be busy building, testing, fixing your errors, and appreciating the entire experience along the way. Take breaks when you need to do so. When you are finished go back and review to help assimilate the material more deeply.

The copyrighted © Ray Wenderlich image below displays a few of the app’s views you will create with this commercial tutorial. It’s well worth the money in my humble opinion.

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