Christmas 2011 Chicago Visit

My wife and I spent ten days in the Chicago area in late December visiting with family and friends. The weather wasn’t too bad, mostly in the upper 30’s or lower 40’s.

We spent a lot of time with our grandkids. They’ve grown so much since we saw them last summer. It was a great time.

We met with some of our closest friends at a friend’s house in Indiana. All of us hadn’t been together in one place in over 30 years! It was a time to catchup on old stories and new plans.

I also had a dinner meeting with some of my friends who prefer to meet on the north side of the city on a weeknight. We ate at the Kabul House in Skokie where fine Afghanistan food is prepared.

The Christmas Eve was spent at our son-in-law’s parents spacious home. Christmas dinner was served at our daughter’s home with their entire extended family. A wonderful gathering for everyone.

Between now and the next time we get together we will have video conferences and phone calls. We will miss them all and they do us. We await our next visit later this year

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