Visit to Chicago History Museum

On March 24, 2015, my wife and I visited the Chicago History Museum during our eight-day stay in the Chicago area while visiting family and friends.

The maternal side of my family has deep roots in Chicago from the early 1800’s. My wife and I grew up on the south side of the city. In particular, my wife lived the first ten years of her life in a small Pullman home, now part of the Pullman National Monument.

Below are some of the pictures I took of this very cool place.

Looking down into the lobby from the second floor.

Old Chicago Streetcar and interior of same.

Chicago sports fans have this outlook in their DNA. 😉

A poster from the 1934 Chicago World Fair.

Chicago icons.

A sign for one of my favorite Chicago style fast foods.

The origin name of the city.

Diorama of early Chicago.

Model of the landmark Chicago Water Tower Monument.

Painting of October 1871 Chicago Fire.

The legendary Mrs. O’Leary.

Diorama of October 1871 Chicago Fire.

Painting of North Side Chicago, few days before the October 1871 Fire.

Phone booth.

Chicago “Sharpening” Pushcart.

Desk that ended the American Civil War.

Ticketmaster photo.

Illinois Central Roundhouse where my father-in-law worked.

Painting of 1893 Columbian Exposition.


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