Challenge Those Doubts

When I left college after my first year, I felt I was a failure. I felt I would never amount to anything. It was time for me to learn to count on myself and overcome my doubts. It took a long time to recognize how to do that.

Doubts about ourselves are really damaging to our self-esteem. We are our harshest critics. We know all too-well about our weaknesses, inadequacies, and denials. We should know about our strengths, our steadfastness, and ability to asses our true nature in the light of that truth. For some reason, we almost always prefer the former to the latter about ourselves. It takes practice at those times to remove the doubts and focus on positive outcomes.

Many times in my career I was told I wouldn’t make it. I was told I couldn’t be: a good Telephone Installer/Repairman; a Machinist; a Software Consultant; a Teacher; a Software Developer; an Entrepreneur; an Artist; and, a Project Manager. I overcame my doubts when I thought I might fail along the way. I became good at all those occupations.

I was told I wouldn’t make: a good husband or a good father. Again I overcame my own doubts and learned to trust my feelings and true nature to succeed in those family roles.

Time and time again new situations would arise and I encountered doubt; the doubts of others and my own. Each time I relied on adapting my previous skills and experiences to the new challenges. Even being steam-rolled didn’t keep me down. When you eliminate doubts from your own mind, you’ll stand back up much quicker, ready to roll onward.

There is no magic formula to overcome doubts. Some people succumb to their own lack and denial. It could have happened to me. What is important to know is that you have to keep improvising on your own emotions and understanding of the problems causing those doubts. It may be hard, it may take a long time. Even if you fail to achieve the degree of success you seek, you will learn valuable lessons that are used in the next life challenge you face.

Doubts will always be with each of us. The challenge and goal is to overcome those doubts. Be ready to create your own roadmap exiting the offramp of doubts and get back onto the main highway leading you to your goals. I hope to see you along your route. 🙂

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