Ahmed Bakir’s, iOS 9.3 CarFinder App Tutorial

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I recently purchased this book, Program the Internet of Things with Swift for iOS, authored by my friend, Ahmed Bakir. The book comes with source code to follow along. Ahmed autographed it for me as shown below.

Programming IoT Book Image

This morning I completed the first iOS 9.3 project in the book, CarFinder.

Ahmed’s description from his book is as follow:

“CarFinder has a tab-driven UI. The first tab displays a list of locations the user has saved, with timestamps, and a button for adding new locations. The second tab displays these saved locations on a map. ”

Excerpt From: Ahmed Bakir. “Program The Internet of Things with Swift for iOS.” iBooks.”

The two tab (side-by-side) views of the finished app are next.


Ahmed writes clearly and provides background explanations of his code and workflow making it easy to follow along and learn.

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