Cal State University San Marcos Open House

On Saturday, April 11, 2015, my wife and I toured the nearby Cal State University San Marcos Open House.

While walking around the campus we were approached by one of the Department Associate Directors who asked if we would be interested in talking to some foreign students in the Extended Learning Program. So while Sherry continued on her own, I went to the classroom to learn more about their activities.

I spoke with a student from Brazil who introduced me to some popular food vocabulary from his home nation. Soon the conversation changed to his questions about Chicago my city of birth, a destination he hopes to visit one day.

I next spoke to a young man from France, who had many questions for me about Software and Technology in general. I let him know San Diego is a focal point for technology and suggested he look into some of our region’s opportunities. while he’s here.

When the Associate Director I met earlier came into the room, we started discussing my software partnership, Newbound, Inc. He became very interested in my teaching experience and after accepting my business card, indicated he would be in-touch with me again.

Both Sherry and I enjoyed walking around a beautiful campus that is only about a mile away from our home. Below are some photos I took and also a short Quicktime video.

Front Entrance


Level Two of one small part of the Campus

An Open Area to the North

A Welcome Sight in the Campus Sun

Mobile users warning: The video below displayed at 480 x 270, but saved at full resolution 1920 x 1080. There may be a delay in starting as the video loads [ Use caption link if needed, or view on a more powerful device ]. Once loaded, click the arrows in lower-right Quicktime window to view maximum size.

From Fourth Floor Stairway Looking West to North-East.

[video src="" /]


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