C-SPAN Tea Party Groups and Midterm Elections

Video Source from November 9, 2010

Opening Statements:

Heritage Foundation Vice President, Michael Franc spoke about the impact of the Tea Party. In the exit polls of last week’s election, both major political parties had a -10% negative approval rating on a national basis. The Tea Party had a +7% positive rating on a national basis. Eleven states had Tea Party either more favorably viewed over GOP or Democrats.

Billie Tucker, Executive Director, First Coast Tea Party (Florida) said: No one leader to this national movement. We are focused on the issues. Americans are very smart people. Our Founding Fathers worked out the structure for us to succeed in last week’s election. She told the story of how Florida’s Senator Elect Marco Rubio was initially ignored by the GOP, but in the end came around to support him. The Tea Party is here to put pressure on the Democrats to take their party back from the Progressives and the Tea Party is to here to force the GOP to take their party back from the extremists. Florida Tea Parties are building an organization of all Tea Parties in that state.

Ed Morrissey, Internet Columnist, [hotair.com], said: America Politics are very dynamic. Instead of checking out of the political process, people started getting involved in the system for change. Not every solution should involve taking more of our money. It’s easy for grass roots organizations to peter out after an election. This Congress was incredibly arrogant for not listening. The Tea Party needs to keep the next Congress from becoming arrogant and thereby stop listening too.

Byron York, Chief Correspondent, Washington Examiner for Politics, said: Many people joined the Tea Party Movement in early 2009 when they saw the government over-reaching into people’s lives. The new Senator Elect from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, a CEO of a Plastics manufacturing company, was someone ¬†who never thought about getting involved in politics. Ron spoke at a Tea Party Rally in Oshkosh, WI and afterwards was approached by the people attending and asked to run for office. Ron got in the race with two ideas for his platform: 1) Repeal Health Care; and, 2) Reduce the Deficit and Reduce the Spending of the Federal Government.

Q and A Session Panel Responses:

Q: What is the primary concern in the next Congress for the Tea Party?

A: Balance the Budget is key. Go back to 2008 spending goals.

Q: In future elections, does Tea Party Movement form its own Third Party or not?

A: It needs to keep working towards the deeper issues that are harming our nation. Good starts help.

Q: What about GOP Conservatives complaining that the Tea Party cost the GOP the Senate?

A: The GOP never had a good chance of taking the Senate anyway.

Billie Tucker’s Comment: The GOP cost us races! (lot’s of laughter in room)

Q: What is the outlook for the Tea Party?

A: People are still joining up to the Movement. They want to be a part of it.

Q: What about dealing with Entitlements?

A: Social Security is not an Entitlement. People paid into that program and the politicians screwed it up. Welfare will be looked at very intensely. The GOP did not include a strategy dealing with Entitlements in their “Pledge to America”.

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