C-SPAN 2010 Midterm Election Result Analysis (Liberal Perspective)

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Dan Rather is talking about the huge amount of so called, “secret money” injected in this campaign. He says we ain’t seen nothing yet as far as the 2012 election is concern. I agree.

Harold Ickes is following up on Dan’s remarks that last year’s Supreme Court ruling on election funding was terrible. I disagree with Harold, I’m in favor of Freedom of Speech and appreciate the Supreme Court’s ruling.

James Zogby is saying that the difference between how Dems and GOPs view Islamics is based on “fear”. I feel that’s an inaccurate assumption of the result of why people don’t view Islamics in favorable light. He didn’t cite a source so it’s an opinion–not fact.

A Georgetown student asked about why didn’t the Dems and GOP work more cooperatively these last two years.

Dan Rather presented the view that President Obama is perceived as not having the stomach for real political battles. Once supportersĀ and opponents realized that he didn’t exhibit strong leadership, the rest of the goverment started to break down.

That’s what I along with them realized back in the Spring of 2009 and spoke out about his lack of leadership here on my Wall and my Time Out Of Mind website. When it took him three months to decide about the Afghan troop surge request, he lost me. He’s not quite as bad as the super-wimp Jimmy Carter, but he’s close.

I voted for Carter in 1976. I voted for Obama in 2008. It’s not in my nature to support weak leaders on any activity, especially the President of my nation. I think those that voted for the new majority last Tuesday share, at least in part, my low opinions of weak leaders as Presidents.

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